Almond Milk And Its Benefits

Milk plays a huge role in the food industry. But milk from animals isn’t the only one available on the market nowadays. We have a variety of milk available, like soy milk, or coconut milk, or even rice milk and oat milk. Each one will have a slightly different taste to it, which might influence your decision on which one to buy for yourself. But there are other benefits to these different types of milk as well. In this post we be focusing on almond milk and the various benefits it can provide.

What Exactly Is Almond Milk?

Before we jump into the health benefits and other reasons one might have for drinking almond milk, let us discuss what it is exactly. Simply put, almond milk is a mixture of skinned almonds and water. This liquid is then cleared of any remaining solid chunks and then has some additives added to it. The additives in question are basically Vitamin D supplements and, depending on type, sugar. It is normally advised to stick with non-sugared almond milk, though you are free to get sugared versions as well if you like it. One cool thing about almond milk is that it is ridiculously easy to make. So if you ever want to experiment with the concentrations of almond and water, you are free to make your own batch of almond milk.

It’s An Alternative For Lactose Intolerant Individuals

This is maybe one of the biggest reasons so many people switch over to almond milk. A lot of people are intolerant to lactose and cannot stomach dairy products. Literally. For these people the choice between having almond milk rather than no milk is an easy one. With almond milk lactose intolerant folk have the option to have a healthy drink as well as baking lactose intolerant friendly goods. Furthermore, it has a nice nutty flavor so you are sure to enjoy it too.

It Contains Less Calories

A very strong point in defense of almond milk is that it is really low on the calories front. In fact, if you drink a lot of milk every day, this one point itself could convince you to switch over to almond milk. The one thing to keep an eye out for is which brand you for. Naturally, each brand has its own method of preparation, and thus each of them has a different calorie count. So before you make the jump, spend some time looking up the brands available around you. You could end up making a satisfactory compromise between calorie count, cost, and taste. Also, it should go without saying, if you’re switching to almond milk for the lower calories you should go for a non-sugared offering.

It Has The Necessities

If you are hesitant about going over to almond milk because you believe regular milk would be healthier you need not worry. Most brands of almond milk make sure to add all the necessary nutrients you might need. This way you don’t miss out on the often touted benefits of regular milk. In fact, most brands enrich their almond milk with calcium as well. So if you want to make sure your bones are sturdy and healthy, you won’t go wrong with almond milk.

It Has The Benefits Of Almonds

With almond milk you’re not only getting the benefits you normally get from regular milk, you’re also getting the benefits of almonds without eating any. That addictive nutty flavor isn’t just there to please your taste buds, it also means you have a lower chance of high cholesterol or heart disease. So you’re getting two good things in one, and that is always welcome. Almonds are also believed to lower hunger and help you lose weight. So you’re taking in less calories and losing weight in other ways too. It’s a clear case of win-win.

It Has Less Carbohydrates

This of course, is an advantage depending on what kind of diet you’re on. If you’re on none at the moment, then this shouldn’t really concern you. However, if you’re on a low-carb diet, like say, keto, then this would be an excellent excuse to switch over to almond milk. You get all the benefits of regular milk, you get a nice nutty flavor, you get lower calories, and now you get lower carbs. What’s there to not love?

Vegan Friendly

If you’re a vegan and try to avoid animal-based products, almond milk is the answer for you. You don’t need to be deprived of dairy products and their deliciousness. Almond milk has you covered and you can rest assured that it didn’t include any cows or goats. And of course, as mentioned above, it has so many of the benefits of regular milk that you aren’t missing out at all. So go out there and make yourself a nice protein shake guilt-free!


And those were some of the benefits of drinking almond milk. Are you ready to make the switch? Or perhaps you’re going to look at some other types of milk as well. In the meantime, we have plenty of other fun articles you should give a read. Like our post on tips for cooking simple meals at home. Or how about our post on the brief history of ice cream.