Exactly how is chocolate made?

Broken pieces of dark chocolate close up

Cocoa beans, which are the dried, fermented seeds of the cacao tree, are used to make chocolate, a sweet, typically brown delicacy. Along with baking and cooking, it is used in a variety of delicacies, including cakes and candies. The chocolate’s cocoa solids and cocoa butter are abundant in flavonoids, which have … Read more

What are the different types of chocolate?

Everyone has a go-to, preferred flavor. But how much do you actually know about the various chocolate varieties? Do you understand the distinction between semisweet and bittersweet? Alternatively, why is milk chocolate harder than white chocolate? It all depends on the materials and the process used to manufacture the chocolate. The three … Read more

What is the history of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company?

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American manufacturer, The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is owned entirely by Swiss confectioner Lindt & Sprüngli. Domenico Ghirardelli, an Italian chocolatier who later settled in California after working in South America, created the business and the corporation carries his name. After Baker’s Chocolate and Whitman’s, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is the third-oldest chocolate manufacturer … Read more

What countries are the top producers of cocoa beans for chocolate?


The fatty seed of the fruit of the tiny, evergreen cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao), which is a native of the Amazon rainforest, is dried and fully fermented to produce cocoa. The Nahuatl word “cacahuati” is where the Spanish word “cacao,” which is where the English word “cocoa” comes from. Cocoa is a … Read more

What is the history of Godiva chocolate?


What is Godiva chocolate? Godiva Chocolatier, a Belgian firm established in 1926, is the manufacturer of the premium, high-quality chocolate sold under the Godiva brand. The company is renowned for using premium ingredients and conventional Belgian chocolate-making methods, as well as for its vast selection of chocolate goods, which includes truffles, bars, … Read more

Gummy Candy – More Than Bears!

Gummy bear

We’ve seen some unusual candy in our time. We’ve seen it all, from magical instant gummy candy to twerking pudding to salsa spaghetti candy. But there’s one candy category we’ve been ignoring, and it’s only gotten weirder and weirder while we’ve been looking the other way: gummy candy. What began with worms … Read more

No-bake Homemade Candy Recipes

Apples and Rasberries

When it comes to delicious candy recipes, you do not have to rush each time, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can easily make delicious snacks, desserts, and cookies at home. And the good news is that you do not have to be a professional at it. We have gathered a list … Read more

US Candy Ingredients Not Used Outside of the US

Candies are very popular among children. It’s because most of the candies we can buy have different shapes, sizes, and as well as colors. They also have different tastes or flavors, such as chocolate, mint, sour, and more. Candies also come in different textures. There are soft candies, crunchy candies, hard candies, … Read more

Homemade Christmas Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

People have different preferences when it comes to Christmas desserts. Some are fond of Christmas cookies, some want eggnog in everything, and some are looking forward to Christmas tree-shaped desserts. Aside from those, another dessert that people get excited about on Christmas is Christmas candies. Peppermint candy canes are one of the … Read more

Candy That Is Safe for Braces

One of the common dilemmas of people with braces is that they have lots of foods that they can’t eat and one of those is candy. There are times that you have a sugar craving and you are tempted to sink your teeth into a gooey candy bar. However, eating candy when … Read more

Homemade Jelly Beans

lots of jelly beans in different colors and flavors

Jelly beans are small sugar candies with soft candy shells and thick gel interiors. It is usually sold in different colors and flavors. Many kids and kids at heart love to eat jelly beans. One of the most popular jelly bean brands is Jelly Belly and they offer tons of different gourmet … Read more

History of Chocolate

Many people love chocolate. It is a sweet, brown food made from roasted and ground cacao seeds in the form of a liquid paste or a block. It is a great snack or drink, and it can be used as a flavoring to other foods as well. Aside from that, chocolate is … Read more