Gummy Candy – More Than Bears!

Gummy bear

We’ve seen some unusual candy in our time. We’ve seen it all, from magical instant gummy candy to twerking pudding to salsa spaghetti candy. But there’s one candy category we’ve been ignoring, and it’s only gotten weirder and weirder while we’ve been looking the other way: gummy candy. What began with worms … Read more

No-bake Homemade Candy Recipes

Apples and Rasberries

When it comes to delicious candy recipes, you do not have to rush each time, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can easily make delicious snacks, desserts, and cookies at home. And the good news is that you do not have to be a professional at it. We have gathered a list … Read more

US Candy Ingredients Not Used Outside of the US

Candies are very popular among children. It’s because most of the candies we can buy have different shapes, sizes, and as well as colors. They also have different tastes or flavors, such as chocolate, mint, sour, and more. Candies also come in different textures. There are soft candies, crunchy candies, hard candies, … Read more

Homemade Christmas Candy Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

People have different preferences when it comes to Christmas desserts. Some are fond of Christmas cookies, some want eggnog in everything, and some are looking forward to Christmas tree-shaped desserts. Aside from those, another dessert that people get excited about on Christmas is Christmas candies. Peppermint candy canes are one of the most popular candies served on Christmas. But aside from serving or giving out peppermint candy canes on Christmas, there are lots of other candies you can make. 

Yes, you can definitely make your own Christmas candy at home without having to spend a fortune. So, when your Christmas appetizers and cocktails are ready, you can finish off the feast with sweet Christmas candies. Well, homemade Christmas candy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are wondering what candies you can make, here’s a list of some of the best Christmas candy recipes we found. 

1. Swiss Meringue Kisses

During the Christmas season, Hershey’s Kisses launches Christmas-themed kisses. But you don’t always need to buy chocolate candies for Christmas, because you can make them yourself. We found this recipe from Lauren Caris Cooks, and they are almost better than the real thing. When you follow the recipe, you will be able to make crumbly, airy, and melt-in-your-mouth kisses that everyone will love. If you choose this for your Christmas candy, you need to make a double or triple batch because they can be eaten fast. 

2. Cream Cheese Mints

Candy canes aren’t the only mint candies you can have on Christmas. It’s because you can also make these cream cheese mints which recipe we got from Spicy Southern Kitchen. This is probably the easiest Christmas candy you can make. You only need a few simple ingredients such as butter, powdered sugar, cream cheese, and peppermint extract. Everyone will not be able to resist the minty fresh, delicate texture of these cream cheese mints on Christmas. 

3. Candy Cane Oreo Truffles

If you want to put some twist to the classic candy cane on Christmas, then why not try making some candy cane Oreo truffles. All you need for this Christmas candy are Oreos, cream cheese, chocolate chips, and crushed candy canes. These gems will surely make your Christmas parties more sweet and colorful. You can check out the recipe via Cakescottage

4. Goodie Gumdrops

These Christmas candies will surely take you to a trip down memory lane and back to Grandma’s house. They are colorful gumdrops that are very easy to make. All you need are gelatin, cold water, boiling water, sugar, a flavored extract of your choice, and some food coloring. These delicious candies will bring sweetness and lots of colors to your Christmas. You can get the full recipe for this Christmas candy from Bakerella

5. Buckeyes

Buckeyes are popular Christmas candies in Ohio. It is derived from the Buckeye, which is the state tree of Ohio, and these candies look like the nuts of the tree. Buckeyes are basically peanut butter balls. They have smooth peanut butter center and chocolate shells. They are very simple to make, as well. You only need some creamy peanut butter, butter, vanilla, sugar, semisweet chocolate, and paraffin wax. Everyone will surely love to munch on these yummy Christmas candies. You can visit Chocolate with Grace for the full recipe of this Christmas candy. 

6. Pistachio Cranberry Bark

This is another great Christmas candy that is sweet but healthy. It is also very easy to make. All you need are some semisweet chocolate chips, chopped and toasted pistachios, dried cranberries, and some melted white candy coating. Everyone will surely love this Christmas candy. In fact, even those who are not big on candy will like to try them. You can get the recipe for this Christmas candy at Taste of Home

7. Old-Fashioned Divinity Candy

If you want to make Grandma and Grandpa happy on Christmas, then serve them with some old-fashioned divinity candy, which they used to make way back. This is a soft, sweet white nougat candy, which is like a combination of fudge and marshmallows. All you need to make this Christmas candy are some sugar, white corn syrup, water, egg whites, pure vanilla extract, and pecans. The full recipe for this sweet treat can be found at Number 2 Pencil

8. Rudolph Bites

If you want your kids to enjoy Christmas candies more, then these Rudolph bites will do the trick. These are wide-eyed reindeer that are made of creamy peanut butter, miniature Reese’s cups, pretzel twists, M&Ms, and edible eye candies. These are very easy to make, and there’s no cooking or baking required. You can read the full instructions at Chelsea’s Messy Apron

9. Peanut Butter Pinwheel Candy

This is another classic Christmas candy that will remind you of the one your Grandma used to make. It is a no-bake Christmas candy that is surprisingly made of mashed potatoes. It’s a unique ingredient for a dessert, right? Aside from that, it is also made using salted butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and peanut butter for filling. If you want to know how to make some of these Christmas candies, you can visit The Recipe Critic for the instructions. 

10. Salted Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cider Caramels

If you want some boozy dessert on Christmas, then these bourbon cider caramels are perfect for you to make. They are sweet, buttery, and gooey treats that everyone will love. It is also a simple and easy recipe, and the only unique thing is it includes apple cider vinegar. The other ingredients for this Christmas candy are some heavy cream, granulated sugar, honey, salted butter, bourbon, vanilla extract, milk, and sea salt. If you want to make some of these salted chocolate covered bourbon cider caramels, you can check out the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest

These are some of the best homemade Christmas candy recipes we can recommend. All of these recipes are very easy to make, and they will surely make your Christmas celebrations sweeter, and more colorful. 

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