Unique Ways to Cook with Salad Dressings

salad dressing in a small bowl

Salad is a healthy and delicious food option – perfect for those on a diet, trying to lose some weight, or simply wanting to eat healthily. It is made of leafy greens and other fruits, vegetables, and meat. What makes it more delicious are the different types of dressings used. These may include ranch … Read more

What Are the Major Jelly Brands?

sandwich with jelly

Jellies and jams are popularly used as bread spreads, and they are often referred to as the same thing. However, they differ from one another. It’s because jam is made from sugar and whole or cut fruits, while jelly is made with sugar and fruit juice. But both of them are considered … Read more

What are the Major Ketchup Brands?

French Fries and Sauce

Tomato ketchup, or simply ketchup, is a table condiment that is sweet and tangy. It is made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and added spices and seasonings. The spices and flavors of ketchup vary, but they commonly include cloves, cumin, garlic, onions, garlic, and mustard. Some ketchup also contains cinnamon, celery, and ginger. … Read more

A Complete Guide to Cocktail Sauces

Cocktail sauce with tortilla chips

Cocktail sauce is the easiest recipe that you want to try at home. It requires only 3 ingredients and 1 step. If you are using a branded cocktail sauce, then you can try making one at home. Cocktail sauce is one of the several types of sauces at cold or room temperature. … Read more

History of Ketchup


Ketchup or tomato sauce is America’s favorite condiment. You will find 97% of homes in the US with ketchup and barbecues. It will be a surprise for you to know that ketchup is a ubiquitous accompaniment to French fries that were not even born in the US. Ketchup has its origins in … Read more

Top Condiments for the Best Sandwich

different types of sandwiches

It is highly debatable that there would be anyone who does not know about this popular food. A sandwich is a finger food that uses two or more slices of bread as a kind of container for other types of food. A typical sandwich contains bread with at least one filling, which … Read more

Top Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar bottles

Apple Cider Vinegar, also known as the ‘miracle drink,’ has been making its way to every shelf in every store. The increasingly popular drink has received a considerable amount of popularity as people become aware of its numerous benefits. It can be said that it has officially been rediscovered as it has … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Jelly

toast with jelly spread

One of the delicious treats that makes breakfast and mornings complete is a large shmear of jelly. It is perfect for adding on toast, especially when making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Jelly might have a different definition depending on where you live, but in North America, it is a clear or … Read more

The History of Jelly

a jar filled with jelly

In North America, jelly is a variation of a fruit preserve. It is a clear fruit spread that is made from cooked fruit juice, sugar, and possibly pectin, which helps it become a gel and thicken. It differs from jam because it does not include the fruit’s flesh. However, outside North America, … Read more

What are the Different Types of Syrup?

pouring syrup on a spoon and bowl

When we hear the word syrup, most people might imagine a stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. But maple syrup is just one of the many types of syrup in the world. There are syrups that are used as food toppings, while some are used as sweeteners for cocktails, baking, and … Read more