Healthy Desserts You Can Make Using a Blender


Introduction Whenever it relates to dieting, giving up dessert is almost often the first thing people do. But indulging in that chocolate cake without feeling bad about it is entirely possible. This is why you should consider having a dessert: 1. You’ll Have Lower Blood Pressure A lower risk of cardiovascular disease … Read more

Tiramisu – Substitutes for Mascarpone


Mascarpone is a creamy Italian sweet cheese used to make tiramisu. While there are no 1-to-1 substitutions that provide the exact taste and texture of mascarpone, you can use whipped heavy cream, cream cheese, or a combination of the two. Mascarpone is a smooth and creamy cheese. It’s difficult to come by … Read more

All About Banana Pudding

delicious banana pudding

Banana pudding is a type of dessert made of layers of sweet vanilla-flavored custard, cookies, and slices of fresh bananas. It is placed in a dish, served by topping with meringue or whipped cream, and looks similar to an English trifle assembled in layers and includes custard, sponge cake, fruit, and whipped … Read more

A Guide to Tarts

delicious raspberry tart

A tart is a baked dish that includes a filling over a pastry base. Unlike a pie, a tart has an open-top that is not covered with pastry. Most tarts that you can find today are sweet, but there are also some types that are savory. Many people enjoy eating store-bought tarts. … Read more

The Origin of Tiramisu

a slice of tiramisu on a plate

Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert that is made of ladyfingers, which are British biscuits, and layered with a whipped mixture of sugar, eggs, and mascarpone cheese, flavored with chocolate or cocoa. The recipe for this famous dessert has been adapted into different varieties of cakes and other desserts. In Italy, tiramisu means … Read more

The History of Apple Pie

delicious apple pie

An apple pie is a baked dish that includes sliced apples for its main filling ingredients. It can be served with cream, powdered sugar, cheddar cheese, or ice cream. It has a circular upper crust that can be solid or latticed with woven or crosswire pastry strips. Some bakers prefer to bake … Read more

Chocolate Treats with a Healthy kick

Chocolate with some fruits

It is hard to deny the desire for chocolate. Apart from giving your taste buds a fair share of sweetness and melty goodness, it also offers several health benefits, such as improving heart health and brain function. With that being said, there is no reason to hate it. At the same time, … Read more

Quick Chocolate Recipes for Snacking

An almond chocolate recipe

It is hard to find anyone who does not love chocolates. Apart from what you can pick right up from the shelves at your local stores, you can come up with quick and easy chocolate recipes whenever you feel like snacking. The best thing about these recipes is that it hardly takes … Read more

A Brief History Of Ice Cream

A Brief History Of Ice Cream

Ice cream is the world’s favorite dessert. There’s nothing better than finishing off a good three-course meal with ice cream, but if you’re not that hungry, it’s just as much fun to have as a snack, especially on a hot summer’s day! With so many flavors to choose from and so many … Read more