What Exactly is Lard?


You apparently wouldn’t think of lard when you think of a contemporary kitchen. For most of us, it appears to be a remnant of a bygone era, and an unpleasant one nonetheless. But somehow it turns out that we’ve been too harsh on lard, and as more and more chefs are turning … Read more

What is Rice Bran Oil and What Are Its Benefits?

Rice Bran Oil

What is Rice Bran Oil?  Rice bran oil is obtained using the tough external brown coating of rice that remains following the dust or rice husk has been removed. It’s been well recognized for its higher smoke point of 232 °C (450 °F) plus its mild flavor, which makes it suitable for … Read more

What is Suet and What Are Its Benefits?


Suet and tallow are new buzzwords. People still think bad of them but after gaining some knowledge you would come to know that Suet is a delicious and excellent healthy cooking oil. Plus, it’s a nature-made and the health-friendly way to complement dietary fat. Suet had been used historically not just as … Read more

What Exactly Is Vegetable Shortening?

Vegetable Shortening

Vegetable shortening was introduced in the earlier 1900s as a more cost-effective and nutritionally superior substitute to animal lard. It also offered a vegetable-based oil that vegans and individuals on holy diets could employ in food and cooking. At a normal temperature or atmosphere, vegetable shortening is defined as a semisolid oil … Read more

What is Ghee and What Are Its Benefits?


What is Ghee? Ghee is a traditional invention that takes its roots from ancient India. It has been a part of both Pakistan and Indian cultures for thousands of years. The word Ghee is a part of Sanskrit meaning sprinkled and was created to preserve butter from spoiling during warm weather. It … Read more

What is Soybean oil And What Are Its Benefits?

Soybean Oil

What is Soybean Oil? Soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil generated from the seeds of the soybean plants (Glycine max). It is among the most frequently consumed vegetable oils throughout the planet, likely due to the fact that soybeans are among the most widely farmed and consumed plants, especially in … Read more

Guide to Peanut Oil

Man pouring peanut oil in a pan

Peanut oil, a fine and tasteless oil generally used for cooking, salads, and frying, is extracted from the seed known as a nut. The nut used for making peanut oil comes from the peanut plant. Also, it can be used for making medicines. The cold-pressed variety has a mild peanut flavor. It … Read more

Top Benefits of Olive Oil

a bottle of olive oil next to some cut vegetables

Want to have some salad and eat healthily? Don’t forget to dress it with olive oil, aka “liquid gold.” One of the healthiest oils, olive oil, is the basic ingredient of the well-known Mediterranean diet. It is why people of that region are healthier and fit than the rest of the world. … Read more

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Though it is not a recent discovery, awareness of coconut oil benefits has increased over the years, making it a popular product found in every home.  Not only does it have health benefits, but it is also used for skincare, hair care and can be a very common ingredient used in the … Read more

A Complete Guide to Cooking Oils

a bottle containing oil; sunflowers

Fat is an essential part of a healthy diet, and our body cannot function properly without the required amount of fats. Cooking oils are a form of fat used for cooking and various other purposes, such as salad dressing and baking. Cooking oils add flavor to the food and enhance its quality. … Read more

Vegetable Oil vs. Olive Oil: Which Is Healthier?

oil being poured over vegetables in a pan

We all have been through a phase in life where we became so concerned about our health that we started questioning our eating choices. At moments like these, the first and foremost doubt that arises in mind is always sabout the oil we use for cooking. When we talk about different types … Read more

Guide to pumpkin seed oil

While you’re here thinking that the only two reasons for a pumpkin to exist is either for a spooky festival or the perfect ingredient for a perfect pie, there’s more to our Jack o Lantern than that. If you didn’t know it already, Pumpkins are used by many, all around the world, … Read more