Learn more about Japanese short-grain rice and its uses in cooking


Japanese short-grain rice is an esteemed cultivar of Japonica rice and is known for its delightfully fluffy texture and special stickiness. Outside of Japan, most people are probably introduced to the Japanese rice that is used for sushi, maki, and rice balls. In Japan, it is eaten regularly as a quintessential part … Read more

Learn more about black rice and its uses in cooking


Black rice is one of the uncommon varieties of the species Oryza sativa. It comes in short-grained, medium-grained and long-grained varieties with its grains similarly turning purple when soaked or cooked. The history of black rice goes way back. It was originally cultivated in China before it spread to other parts of … Read more

Learn more about Wild Rice

Zizania Palustris

Introduction The Great Lakes area of North America is home to an abundance of wild rice which is semi-aquatic grass. Wild rice stands out from its white and brown counterparts due to its firm texture and nutty flavor. It is one of just two native grains that are regularly consumed in the … Read more

Learn more about Basmati Rice

Basmati rice

Background Long, slender-grained aromatic rice known as basmati is mostly farmed in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. As of 2019, Pakistan made up the remaining 35% of the global basmati rice trade, with India accounting for 65% of it. Although basmati rice is cultivated domestically in many nations, it is only grown in … Read more

What are the different types of rice?

Rice can come in many shapes, colors, and sizes

Rice is one of the most widely consumed items in the world, and for good reason: It is a fantastic staple in any kitchen since it is adaptable, substantial, simple to cook, and tasty. Rice can do it all while offering comfort and satisfaction, whether it is used as a main dish … Read more

Learn more about Calrose Rice

china farm harvest cottage

Introduction The most versatile grain you have in your pantry may be this kind of rice. The vast array of rice varietals available today might be overwhelming when browsing the grain aisle. It is enough to make any consumer’s head spin, with options ranging from common varieties like white or brown to … Read more

Learn more about Jasmine Rice

Rice Field Cottage Farm

What is Jasmine Rice? A fragrant long-grain rice variant is called jasmine rice (also known as aromatic rice). Its aroma, which is evocative of both popcorn and pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius), is produced naturally by rice plants, whose main aroma ingredient is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. Many Southeast Asians and experts favor each years freshly produced … Read more