A Guide to Tarts

delicious raspberry tart

A tart is a baked dish that includes a filling over a pastry base. Unlike a pie, a tart has an open-top that is not covered with pastry. Most tarts that you can find today are sweet, but there are also some types that are savory. Many people enjoy eating store-bought tarts. … Read more

The Origin of Tiramisu

a slice of tiramisu on a plate

Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert that is made of ladyfingers, which are British biscuits, and layered with a whipped mixture of sugar, eggs, and mascarpone cheese, flavored with chocolate or cocoa. The recipe for this famous dessert has been adapted into different varieties of cakes and other desserts. In Italy, tiramisu means … Read more

Easy Cheese Recipes to Try at Home

Cheese, bread and grapes

Cheese is one of the most popular and favorite food ingredients across the globe. May it be sandwiches, burgers, or burritos, cheese is always used to enhance the flavor, taste, and texture. However, the application of cheese is not only limited to foods you purchase from fast food joints. Infact, you can … Read more

How To Make Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce with fish and chips

A French sauce spelled tartare sauce in South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and other parts of the Commonwealth is a common condiment. It is served with seafood dishes such as clam strips, fish sandwiches, fish and chips, fish fingers, fried oysters, and other dishes including French fries or schnitzels. There … Read more

Tips for Making Nut Butters Successfully

A bowl of peanuts

When it comes to making nut butter, you can work with almond, cashew and sesame seeds, etc. Most people out there believe that making nut butter is actually a daunting task. In fact, it is quite the opposite. All you need is the right ingredients and technique, and you are good to … Read more

No-bake Homemade Candy Recipes

Apples and Rasberries

When it comes to delicious candy recipes, you do not have to rush each time, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can easily make delicious snacks, desserts, and cookies at home. And the good news is that you do not have to be a professional at it. We have gathered a list … Read more

The Difference Between Animal Milk and Plant-Based Milk


For years, we have been taught that milk is the best source of calcium. It helps strengthen and develop the bones. At the same time, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding cow milk. But that apart, several milk substitutes have popped up in the market that claims to be better … Read more

History of Ketchup


Ketchup or tomato sauce is America’s favorite condiment. You will find 97% of homes in the US with ketchup and barbecues. It will be a surprise for you to know that ketchup is a ubiquitous accompaniment to French fries that were not even born in the US. Ketchup has its origins in … Read more

Guide to Peanut Oil

Man pouring peanut oil in a pan

Peanut oil, a fine and tasteless oil generally used for cooking, salads, and frying, is extracted from the seed known as a nut. The nut used for making peanut oil comes from the peanut plant. Also, it can be used for making medicines. The cold-pressed variety has a mild peanut flavor. It … Read more

Guide to Whey Butter

Whey butter in bowls

Whey butter is a by-product while making cheese. It is produced when the cream is separated from the whey. Unlike ordinary butter, it is produced using fresh milk, and the butterfat in whey butter undergoes the initial process of cheese making. Making whey butter is a time-consuming process, and now there are … Read more

What is Buttermilk and How Do You Make it?

Picture of a hand pouring buttermilk in a cup with sweet biscuits.

From buttermilk cookies to buttermilk cakes and elegant buttermilk confectionery, buttermilk is one prized dairy product with a rich taste. It is different from regular dairy milk as it has fewer fats and a creamy texture that makes it an indulgent beverage. It is also rich in nutrients, and hence, is a … Read more

The Benefits of Hazelnut Milk

Picture of clean hazelnuts in a bowl with a glass of milk.

With perhaps the most indulgent profile among tree nuts, Hazelnut is a star ingredient for multiple cuisines and drinks. Most distinctively, it is the primary component of the international phenomenon of Nutella. However, hazelnut spreads are not an optimal way to benefit from its nutrients. For a perfect intersection of nutrition and … Read more