Salsa Dips to Spice Up Your Party

Having a salsa dip at a party is common, but there are several ways to jazz it up a little. If you put in a little effort here, this dip could make the rest of the food gain a unique taste. A great salsa dip can delight your guests and have them asking for more. Try out the following recipes and see how your dip comes out.

1. Steakhouse Dip with Potato Crisps

This is a dip that would be the pride of any steakhouse. Try making it at home to create that restaurant feel and help everyone enjoy the food even more. It could earn you a lot of point as a cooking star, even though the recipe itself is quite easy and hassle-free.

The ingredients for this dip aren’t too complicated. You can probably find most of them around the house already. If you’re pressed for time and don’t have everything on hand, try experimenting with some of the minor aspects, such as substituting the bacon buts with cut up sausages.

2. Hot Pizza Dip

If you and your friends love pizza and salsa, you can combine the tastes to get the best of both worlds. This Pizza Dip is warm, creamy, and would surely be a memorable addition to any party table. What’s even better is that the ingredients are mostly low-carb, even if they’re high in fat from all the cheese. Even those on the keto diet might be able to eat just this dip with certain veggies.

Again, the ingredients aren’t too hard to find. If you already make pizza quite frequently at home, you’d probably have them all on hand.

3. Idaho Potato Dip

When you and your friends are watching the game, a potato dip would be just the thing for your snacks. The store-bought dip could be expensive and may not be to everyone’s taste. However, you can mix up this homemade potato dip to suit your own preferences.

This recipe calls for salsa to be served over the dip itself. If someone prefers a blander version, you may want to keep the salsa on the side and let people mix and match as they see fit.

4. Six Layer Dip

Making dip might not seem a very impressive task, but this six-layered version would be sure to clear that misconception. There are several experiences found in this dish, which can even be enough to bring to a potluck. Be sure to follow the instructions and put it together as neatly as possible. That way, it’ll be sure to make a great first impression.

5. Mango Tango Black Bean Salsa

Salsa itself is a delicious combination of textures, flavors, and fulfillment. With the Mango Tango Black Bean Salsa, however, you can add a whole other aspect to this favorite dip. Adding diced mango would give your salsa a refreshing kick and a tropical effect at the same time.

There’s no need to bake this salsa dip. A little rinsing, draining, and dicing makes up most of the action. Once you combine all the ingredients, the salsa would be great with pita chips or baked tortillas.

6. Cheddar Cheese Football Spread

This is quite an easy recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser on Game Day. As with many of the recipes on this list, it uses a lot of cheese. You may want to make sure that none of your guests are lactose-intolerant, or make a non-dairy version alongside this one.

The unique factor in this dip is the addition of roasted almonds. These are mostly for decoration since they look like little footballs. Serve it up with thin French bread slices, crackers, chips, and crunchy vegetables.

7. 1-2-3- Salsa Dip

The very name of this dip says all you need to know about its recipe. Basically, you just need three ingredients here, so this is an excellent method for whipping up a memorable dip at a moment’s notice. However, it does require a baking time of half an hour, so be sure to factor that in.

You just need a couple of cream cheese packages, dried parsley flakes, and a cup of medium-heat salsa. Once baked to a light golden color, this recipe would make around 3 cups of delicious dip.

8. Home Run Dip

If your party or get together revolved around watching the game, you can get with the theme by making this Home Run Dip. This is the perfect combination for your nibbles while you’re relaxing and watching your favorite team.

Again, the ingredients are low-carb. If you want to stay healthy while snacking, you can substitute the chips with crispy vegetables for this dip. Do away with the alcoholic content as well, substituting chicken broth instead.  If you don’t care about the carbs this one time, this dip would be excellent with cubes of bread, crackers, or any kind of chips.

9. Tex Mex Avocado Salsa

Everyone now knows that avocados are good for you, but it may be hard to use them in a tasty manner. This homemade salsa dip is one of those ways. It’s a fresh-looking, colorful, and delicious dip that goes well with several entrees and chip varieties.

This salsa dip includes avocados, plum tomatoes, and several seasonings in order to create a tantalizing medley of flavors. However, it does need refrigeration if you’re not going to be serving it right away.

10. Texas TNT Dip

This salsa dip uses one cup of pre-made salsa, then requires a few steps to turn it into a hearty dish. This might even replace the casserole at your dinner table at times. The addition of ground beef, processed cheese, and mushroom soup certainly make it a complete meal.

When you serve this as a dip, you can add corn chips, rye bread, and tortilla chips for dipping purposes. If you’re making a meal of it, try filling it in taco shells or in pita bread rolls.