Unique Ways to Cook with Salad Dressings

Salad is a healthy and delicious food option that is perfect for those who are on a diet, trying to lose some weight, or simply wanting to eat healthily. It is made of leafy greens and other fruits, vegetables, and meat. What makes it more delicious are the different types of dressings used. These may include ranch dressing, balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and more.

But did you know that aside from salads, you can use salad dressings in cooking different dishes or foods, too? The use of salad dressing goes beyond adding a splash to leafy greens. Based on the research done by the Association for Dressings and Sauces, Americans use salad dressings in far more ways than you would imagine. But what do you think are these ways? If you are also curious, read on as we’re giving you a list of the unique ways to cook with salad dressings. 

  • Use salad dressings to marinate steak.

marinated steak

You can mix Italian salad dressing with Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper to marinate your steak in. Doing this will give the steak a bold, tangy flavor with the right amount of spice. It is also very easy to do. And the longer you let it marinate, the more flavor you can get. 

  • Use salad dressings to flavor chicken.

Chicken is a great source of proteins for lean muscle building. However, it has a bland flavor. But no worries, as you can also use salad dressings to add flavor to it. You can sprinkle the chicken breasts with some salt and pepper, then brush some honey mustard dressing before grilling or baking. You can either make the dressing yourself or buy one from supermarkets. In addition to being flavorful, honey mustard vinaigrette is also rich in vitamins that can help boost your metabolism and detoxify your body. 

  • Use salad dressings to dress pasta.

A Greek yogurt-based salad dressing is perfect to be mixed into some cold pasta. This type of salad dressing is thick and creamy, high in protein, and low in sugar. It is even healthier if you use whole grain pasta and add in some chopped vegetables, such as tomatoes, olives, broccoli, and onion. 

  • Use salad dressings for grilling skewers.

some grilled skewers

Instead of using the classic barbecue sauce, why not try salad dressings instead? Before you put your skewers on the grill, put a lightly sweet dressing such as raspberry vinaigrette on them for added flavor. This is also a great substitute instead of using oil or a heavy barbecue sauce. Plus, it can add some big, bold flavors while remaining healthy. To make it more delicious, you can also add in some peppers, onions, and even fruits like mango or pineapple, which will go along well with the sweetness of the salad dressing. 

  • Toss salad dressing with veggies before roasting.

If you are tired of the average roasted vegetables, then try coating them with a salad dressing before putting them in the oven. This way, the vegetables will caramelize. Some of the best vegetables for this are onions, carrots, mushrooms, and zucchini. You can use an Italian dressing for a side dish that is surely delicious. 

  • Use a salad dressing in a stir fry.

stir-fry in a pan

You can also add some Asian dressing in the popular Chinese take-out meal, stir fry. It is essential to find dressings that are low in sodium and do not contain any ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. This will work well with sliced chicken, bell peppers, mushroom, ginger, and broccoli. 

  • Coat shrimps using salad dressings.

You can add a kick of flavor to shrimp by coating it with some honey lime salad dressing. This will work whether it is for baking, searing, or grilling your shrimp. Adding this salad dressing will give the shrimp some delicious flavors, turning it from a simple dish to a special dish. 

  • Use salad dressing when serving pizza.

If you want to improve the flavors of your pizza, why not try dipping, dunking, or drizzling it with some ranch salad dressing? The pizza’s crispiness and saltiness match the creamy tanginess of ranch dressings. Once you try this, you will not be able to look at pizza on its own the same way. If you want it to be healthier, try to stick to a thin crust pizza and use a light ranch salad dressing. 

  • Use salad dressing in braised dishes.

Did you know that when you heat salad dressings that contain balsamic vinegar, they become sweeter and more fragrant? Therefore, adding it to stew and casserole dishes is great if you want to give them some extra flavor. 

These are some of the unique ways to cook with salad dressings. It is great to learn that aside from using them on salads, you can also incorporate the dressings into many different dishes. It is an easy but effective way to add unique flavors to your favorite foods. If you are looking for more information about salad dressings, you can also click on the links below: